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Video content has become one of the most effective investments that are engaging a huge audience. Many individuals are currently investing more resources in video production for marketing. With the increasing competition in video content creation and marketing, it’ll be wise to choose the appropriate background music to make your content stand out.

Background music significantly impacts your video content, audience response, and your brand’s success. Choosing the right music aligning with your video and audience plays an integral role in generating more leads and traffic to your brand. Nonetheless, selecting the best site to download suitable background music for your video content is usually challenging. This article outlines the best sites to find the best background music in 2022.

1. Pixabay
Pixabay is a top and popular resource for downloading images and photos. Despite being well-known for downloading pictures and videos, it’s a suitable option to get the best background music. The platform allows you to browse for the right music based on the mood or genre to suit your video or audience. Pixabay offers a wide range of sounds you can use for your narration or audio drama. When getting the music, you don’t need to worry about paying a fee or giving the artist credit, as the site offers copyright-free content that they release under the Pixabay license.

2. Freeplay Music
It’s an excellent and secure website you can consider for your background music needs. This site has various subscriptions you can choose for the non-commercial or commercial categories. You can get an extensive production of music libraries at the Freeplay site with high-quality tracks. The collaboration of Freeplay Music and YouTube allows free personal use of the platform, while social media users pay only $0.99. Notably, the site licenses all the content, making it easy to use the music without crediting the artist. You can use Freeplay Music to choose the right music suiting your mood, scene, or genre.

3. IncompeTech
It’s one of the best sites you can choose for your background music and downloads. Kevin MacLeod, a top musician, owns this excellent website that has an extensive tracklist. You can get suitable music for your background needs at the site, as it provides various genres and royalty-free tracks. The platform allows you to choose the right tracks, suiting your needs for free when searching or downloading the music. Nonetheless, when downloading tracks without the artist’s attribution, you’ll have to pay $20 for each track.

4. CcMixter
CcMixter is an exclusive website open to all producers, singers, or music lovers to get the appropriate background music. It’s a website with a wide range of music from different genres and artists worldwide. You can freely choose the appropriate music, tracks, or remixes without attributing the artists. You don’t need to attribute the artists as the platform licenses its tracks under the Creative Commons licenses. The platform allows you to download various high-rated music in different audio formats like Ogg, WMV, Mp3, etc.

5. Amazon Music
Amazon Music offers the best option for a top site to download your background tracks or songs. The site offers unlimited access to more than 70 million tracks for non-commercial purposes. Despite operating an online music store, Amazon became the first site to sell its tracks without Sony BGM, EMI, and Universal digital terms management. However, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $7.99 to download suitable music for your video content or audience. Many individuals prefer downloading their background music from the platform as it offers a wide range of options for your needs.

6. Beatpick
Beatpick is the best option when looking for quality music content for your different needs. You can get appropriate music for commercial purposes like internet videos, films, games, or advertising. Many freelancers or agencies prefer choosing music from Beatpick to enhance the video content or audience. Before downloading, the site allows you to test and certify if the music is perfect for your needs. You can use the search bar to choose the appropriate background music from the different instruments, genres, moods, artists, etc.

7. AudioJungle
AudioJungle is an essential part of Envato Market, which offers different sound effects and royalty-free music. Experts reveal that this platform allows you to choose an appropriate track from the broad files, exclusive category list, and collection. It’s the best location or site to download various tracks from different sound technicians and the global music community. Furthermore, after downloading the tracks or background music, the platform has features that allow you to customize the tracks to suit your content. After downloading your suitable track or song, you can use the music kit option for the customization to enhance your audience engagement.

8. YouTube Audio Library
Experts reveal that YouTube is the best video project mp3 music platform for downloading or getting your background track or music. The platform has a wide selection of different royalty-free music for unlimited downloads and use by multiple users. YouTube has website a simple interface that allows you to choose the suitable music library based on the track name, mood, genre, or artist. After uploading the podcast, the platform will enable you to overlay the track you’re downloading on the footage directly from the site. However, it’ll be necessary to create a YouTube account to enjoy these features and downloads.

9. 909 Music
909 music is the best site for your background music or track downloads. The platform provides cutting-edge, perfect, and modern options for different background music. You can get various background tracks, like intro music, theme, and outro songs, from this site. Many individuals prefer this platform as it offers unlimited music downloads, and you don’t have to worry about attributing the artists. You can get the suitable track by getting to the site, downloading the appropriate file, and incorporating the track check here into your podcast.

10. Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive is a top and open source approach to accessing and downloading quality background music. Like the other sites, it has an extensive library full of various high-quality tracks. It’s the best site you can choose to download suitable background music for podcasting. The platform has a simple interface you can use to check and download a good song for your video content or audience. Notably, the platform has the FMA app, making it easy to access and download these songs from your android or iOS device.

11. Free Beats
The free beat is an essential platform for downloading your background tracks when creating your video content. Many content creators prefer this site for the background music as it offers a vast list of music or tracks. Free beats offer a free and easy alternative for downloading these tracks. You can download these songs easily, provided you follow their social media pages and rate their services. Nonetheless, the site provides free tracks on specific tracks, like EDM, electronic, and hip hop music only.

12. Audionautix
Audianutix is the best alternative when looking for a reliable source to get your background music. The site is rich in various high-quality background tracks or music for different needs. You can easily download these free and unlimited audio tracks for your audience or podcast by following this platform on social media and crediting them. The platform allows you to search various primary song categories, such as acoustic or cinematic. You can use the keyword, tempo, or subcategories to get suitable tracks.

13. Public Domain
It’s a top site you can consider for your background music downloads, as it works with artists presenting copy-free songs. Thus, you can download the songs at this site without attributing or compensating the composer. You can choose a suitable track or music from the wide variety available on the website. The platform allows all the users to search and download various music that suits their different projects or purposes. However, some other songs or tracks require a monthly subscription to access or download them.

14. Epidemic Sound
Many individuals find epidemic sound a favorite site you can consider when looking for high-quality background music. The site has an extensive library with numerous tracks or songs for your different purposes. Epidemic sound has a weekly updating program that adds various high-quality music for your needs. After getting to the site, you can get the best music depending on your favorite lengths, vocals, tempos, and genre to suit your video content or audience. When downloading the music or tracks, the platform only requires you to have one primary here license for all your downloads.

15. Storyblocks
Storyblocks is a reliable one-stop source for your background music download. It offers an extensive library with numerous songs and tracks for your different audience or video content needs. The site has one of the sophisticated features that allow you to search for the various categories like instrument, genre, and mood. It’s an essential option when looking for music or tracks to help you nail specific video timings. However, you’ll need a $10 – $30 monthly subscription for your unlimited downloads.

16. Jamendo
Jamendo offers a good platform that allows you to filter up to seven different categories of background tracks or music. You use the filters to navigate and choose the appropriate song or track from the catalog with over 250000 tracks. The site offers various in-store radio background music and single tracks featuring over 27 ad-free playlists. Before downloading from the platform, it’ll be good to check the appropriate songs that suit your needs or purposes. Jamendo allows you to use a single commercial track licensing to download and use the song without attributing the composer.

17. SoundCloud
SoundCloud stands out among the other competitors in providing the appropriate background music with numerous global songs and tracks. This platform guarantees you the right high-quality music for your different purposes. You can download and use music from more than two artists for your content, as long as you attribute the tracks appropriately. However, when searching and downloading the songs for your different purposes, it’ll be good to consider the free options and copyright-free.

18. Bensound
Bensound is the best source of free, high-quality, and royalty-free background music and tracks. Benjamin Tissot, a top artist, creates, uploads, and manages all the operations of this site to ensure quality downloads. You find a wide range of tracks from corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, and Ben’s work for your read more different purposes. Bensound guarantees you top-notch quality music or tracks you can use for various needs. Lastly, the site offers free downloads for non-commercial downloads, but you can choose appropriate subscriptions for the track licensing.

Wrapping Up
Adding the right sound effects or music is the best way of polishing your podcast or video content. However, you might find it challenging to choose the appropriate one for the music or tracks with the numerous sites available. The above are the top sites to download the best background music for your different purposes. You can get a wide range of copyright-free background tracks with varying lengths, intent, and monetization to suit your different purposes.

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